Badger Sett

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by Carl Leckey

Many years ago for a Christmas present I was given a portable type writer.

I began writing stories to amuse my own kids and their school friends. One of their favourites was about a Sister and Brother Pansy and Plop and their arch enemies the Groaner children Bingley Claude and Elspeth.

All the characters’ were loosely based on my own kids and their friends.

The stories lay forgotten for nearly forty years until I began writing children’s stories when my daughter said. “Dad! Why don’t you rejuvenate Pansy and Plop? We loved those stories, when we were kids.”  Adopting her suggestion I wrote a couple of short stories and tried them out on my young Nieces and Nephews. Thankfully the stories met with their approval.  A friend of mine was employed as a mentor in a local school, John is a talented amateur artist he had illustrated my last book. We came up with an idea for the pupils at his school to illustrate my next book. We had a competition the cover and interior illustrations for Badger Sett! Are created by the pupils of Mosslands School Wallasey.

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