The Very Very Last Moa

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by Carl Leckey

The Moa was a giant bird native of New Zealand. Some of the species towered over ten feet high. Unfortunately they were hunted to extinction and a moment in history there would have been one lone survivor. The first part of the story begins with two Maori Brothers hunting the last Moa and ends with one of the brothers battling with the Moa, sadly only one of the brotheŕs lives to tell the tale. A volcanic eruption and earthquake separates a portion of land creating an island with a volcanic peak towards the centre. The second part of the story takes place on the Island protected by conservation. Two people live there as Guardians of the Island. They are regularly visited by their Grandchildren in School Holidays. They also have a dog named Bozz. He was rescued as a pup from a shipwreck by the Grandfather. The dog Bozz is the children's constant companion and quite a rascal. Jake, Ayisha, Josh, Adam, Kerry and Sam call themselves the JAJAKS

Book Published AuthorHouse 20/2/12


The very, very Last Moa was conceived on one of Carl’s many trips to New Zealand visiting his family.

The Giant Moa  that grew to the incredible height of ten feet was once a common flightless bird but is now sadly extinct. But what if by some freak of nature the bird still lives?

Follow the exciting adventures of six kids a dog that believes that it is human on a remote island where many, many years ago an erupting volcano left behind an amazing secret to be discovered by the kids and their faithful dog.


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