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From where did the story Angels of Mons originate?

My daughter who is a practising mystic reckons I have been channelling a long dead person who related their own war time story through me. 

A few years ago a well-established hypnotherapist gave me a session primarily to relieve the pain of arthritis.

Prior to the session I agreed to be regressed back to my youth and beyond if possible.

The experience was to say the least uncanny, remarkable astonishing, incredible. How many synonyms do I need to describe this major event in my life? 

Using a key word I am able to ease the pain when it becomes unbearable. I suppose the first signs or side effects of the treatment began with fantastic recollections of incidents that occurred during childhood and my youth.

Long forgotten songs, faces, names spring to mind at the most unlikely times. Clear pictures of occurrences some good, some bad pop up without warning. Incidentally when I describe the long forgotten events the older members of my family confirm them. 

Then the real magic occurred. The story Angels of Mons began writing itself through me. This is the only way I am able to describe what happened.

I have to admit sometimes a little frightening as the story unfolded page after page. On numerous occasions I would awaken at some ungodly hour and begin writing. I neglected meals, entertainment, family, as this strange phenomenon took control of my life when I became a slave of the computer.  There was little respite until the story finally ceased to flow at a very appropriate stage, the end of the First World War.

I believe I wrote the story describing occurrences that took place in a previous life of mine when near hell like conditions became normality for many people.

The question is who is right?

My daughter puts an extremely good case for her theory that the story I wrote was indeed channelled to me by someone that had passed on who had experienced war in the front line. She is certainly very competent in her field and has witnessed this type of occurrence on a number occasions before.

The hypnotherapist. Since I have written the book has had similar results to mine with even more clients that voluntarily submitted to regressive hypnosis for one reason or another.

Myself, well I leave it to the reader to decide. All I know for certain is, I had a compelling urge to write this book and could not rest until its completion.